“On Sundays you need to be able to perform at your highest peak performance possible.  Using Hydrate IV to help me prepare has become one of my most important weekly routines.  It allows me to recover before the game as well as not have to worry about leaving the games with muscle cramps or fatigue from dehydration.”  

 -Jeremiah Sirles, MN Vikings #75

“Being a teacher in an elementary school tends to expose me to more colds and flu bugs than I desire!  Knowing Hydrate IV Therapy has my back is awesome.  These IVs have significantly cut down the “sick time” I’ve had to use”                  

-A.C. (Gifted and talented Elementary school teacher who uses IV therapy seasonally)

“Hydrate IV therapy helps me to recover from my business trips to China”            

 -T.T. (Frequent business traveler who uses IV therapy once a month)

“Being an airline pilot and flying internationally, I need to avoid jet lag and getting sick. After a long trip Hydrate’s B12 helps me get back to my sleep cycle and reset my body clock”     

-D.W. (International pilot that uses IV therapy as a preventative jet lag measure)

“Prolonging my 99 year old father’s life with quality by keeping him out of the hospital where sick people dwell”                  

-J.V. (His father receives twice weekly IV therapy to reduce the risk of dehydration in elderly)

“Went out a little too hard, recovery with Hydrate gave me my Sunday!”         

-J.M. (A social butterfly)

"I have used this service for quite some time now and want to share how much these treatments have helped me through my battle with Lyme disease. They have always worked with my schedule and gone above the call of duty. Andy & Brynn have changed my life for the better. I have more energy, less bad days and I can only attribute this to Hydrate IV Therapy. I love my IV dude as I jokingly say to them. Thanks for all your help, and all that you do for me!"

-R.B. (Long-time Lyme disease patient)

“Game changer when you’re trying to pass a kidney stone!”

-B.A. (Frequently suffers from kidney stone)

“I adore the B12 shots, they’re especially helpful when my body encourages me to sleep 24 hours a day!!”

-R.A. (Teenage years.. enough said)